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Why You Should Intern at MSL
a brief introduction.

Do you love music? Are you looking for a chance to gain real-world experience while doing what you love – and inspire the next generation of musicians in the process? 

If you answered YES to both of these questions, we believe an internship at Music Service Learning would be a great fit for you! 


We’re currently accepting interns in many areas, including: music teaching, web design, and videography. We pride ourselves on availability and inclusion, and you needn’t be a music major to apply! 

Here are just a few of the benefits of interning for MSL:

  • Gain real-world experience in your field of choice
  • Contribute to something bigger than yourself in advancing the future of music in communities around the world.
  • Support music programs, organizations, and businesses
  • Increase access of music and music education for all people
  • Network with experienced professionals to learn and grow while adding valuable resume experience
  • Stay involved in music beyond high school


Music Education
You've played your instrument (or sung) for years. Now's your chance to share with others what you've learned.
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Web Design
An elegant website takes a company's brand to the next level. That's why we need creative designers and talented coders like you.
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If you're a creative writer looking to put your skills to the test, we have just the internship for you! Join our newsletter team today.
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Opportunities in Web Design

Maintaining a website presents many unique challenges, but succeeding in this task elevates a company’s brand to the next level. That’s why we need creative minds like you to assist us in all areas of website design. Whether you have an eye for dazzling infographics or you have a firm understanding of coding languages like HTML and CSS, our Web Design Internships will provide a challenging, fulfilling experience and enhance your skillset.


Current positions:

  • Graphic Design
  • Site Maintenance (e.g. security and updates)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! If you’re a creative writer looking to put your skills to the test in a fast-paced and diverse atmosphere, then we have the internship for you! Every month, we publish the MSL Monthly newsletter to tell our clients about the exciting developments at our company. We need you to take these developments and turn them into insightful stories that enlighten our customers about our mission and grow our brand. Skeptical about the impact you’ll have? A study referenced by industry leaders Campaign Monitor found that “email is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter at creating new customers.” Even in our modern world, newsletter contributors write new chapters in the stories of their respective companies–be a part of our team!

Do you “like” using Facebook? Are you a vocal Tweeter? Our Social Media internships are designed for people exactly like you. As you’ll notice from the menu bar, we participate on several social platforms, notably Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bring your knowledge of what makes an effective post or help us stay in touch with our followers–we’ll be happy to have you aboard!

Current positions:

  • Facebook Poster
  • Instagram Updater
  • Twitter Handler
  • Social Metrics Analyst
  • Inbox Manager

You’ve played your instrument (or sung) for years. Now it’s time to teach others what you’ve learned! MSL constantly receives requests for new lesson videos, and we want you to create engaging, practical content for the benefit of both students and teachers. If you’re aiming to become a music teacher, either as a private tutor or a public schoolteacher, this internship will give you the opportunity to hone your teaching skills and receive feedback about your content and style from experienced professionals. Plus, you get to talk about what you enjoy–what’s not to love?

To find out more about MSL’s video-making process, please read our official guidelines.

To discover current opportunities, please fill out our internship application.

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