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Founded by Intern Don Nguyen, Music Resources in Spanish for English Language Learners provides curated and originally created videos for English-speaking teachers to use to support their Spanish-speaking students. If you don’t see what you need, contact us to have content created for you today!

New Materials!

Founded by intern Rosie Wilson, the Curriculum Brain Trust Project allows a team of a teacher, 5-7 interns, and an MSL mentor to work collaboratively to discuss, deconstruct, and reimagine lesson plans and curriculum. As a result of these collaborations Music Service Learning can provide new open-access materials for any teacher looking for teaching inspiration. Check out the content created by our interns. If you don’t see what you need, contact us to set up your own Curriculum Brain Trust today!

New Materials!

Featuring over 100 videos made by Music Service Learning Interns, our YouTube channel includes lessons for beginning through advanced band students, our singing series, and becoming a music major mentor videos. Viewers can download the free PDF from the video description to play along with these Warm-ups, Chop-Busters, Masterclasses, Vocal Canons, and now subtitles in Spanish. Subscribe to get all the latest updates, including orchestra, more choir, general music, and piano videos coming soon!

Founded by Intern Kimbery Sulahian, the Chamber Music Project not only provides synchronous virtual support for schools wanting to provide students with chamber music experiences, but also provides play-along videos with accompanying pdf’s for a chamber music experience. These pdf’s are transposed for every instrument in every key! Apply to have the Chamber Music Team work with your students today!

Click here to discover ways we can bring you and your learning pod a safe, socially-distanced, and in-person music learning experience. For ages 4-adult, we can help build community and foster creativity through music education. Not only do we come to you, but we provide all materials as well! This resource is currently only available in SE Pennsylvania.

Season 1: As a form of mentoring new teachers, Music Service Learning collects their stories from the field and turns them into a resource to help other new teachers. If you are a new or future teacher, listen to each episode to relate, laugh, and find pathways to success! Subscribe to get all the latest episodes downloaded!

In starting the search for music education resources, one might feel overwhelmed by all of the options. Use this resource finder to sort and narrow down your search to fill your specific teaching needs. If you cannot find a resource to help, put in a request through Music Service Learning to work with one of our interns.

These FREE PDF downloads are great for teachers to use with their whole ensembles in-person or as assignment exercises for individual students to play-along at the Music Service Learning YouTube Channel! Content includes beginning through advanced band Warm-ups and Chop-Busters, band Songs, and JUST ADDED SINGING ROUNDS AND CANONS! Subscribe to get all the latest updates, including orchestra, more vocal, general music, and piano music coming soon!


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