Music Service Learning is a non-profit organization that provides diverse and equitable project-based experiences to supplement collegiate music education curricula. Through collaborative projects, music education majors help solve problems, increase access and inclusion, and advance the field of music education.

Music Service Learning strives to be a leader in progressive educational methods by providing all collegiate students with access to diverse, equitable, and meaningful experiences in music education.

We believe in:

removing the privilege associated with music education internships and service-learning work
advancing the field of music education through mutually beneficial partnerships that value each stakeholder
all college students having access to opportunity, resources, and networks

Founders Executive Board

Dr. Marci Major - Founder & Executive Director
Prof. Adam Gumble- Associate Director
Prof. Lauren Ryals - Associate Director & Treasurer
Prof. Aubree Windish - Secretary

Advisory Artistic Board

Spencer Camacho
Dr. Craig Denison
Dr. Sarah Gulish
Dr. David Hedgecoth
Hannah Knauss
Rachael Urquhart
Dr. Phil Woodmore
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