Small (Chamber) Ensembles develop musical and personal independence in ways beyond what is often found in the typical Large Ensemble environment. 


Music Service Learning can help YOU develop and deploy a Chamber Ensemble program in your school community! 


1. DESCRIBE YOUR NEEDS by submitting an MSL Project Request 


2. DEVELOP YOUR IDEA with an MSL Mentor Educator that addresses your educational objectives while working within the scope of your existing program


3. DEPLOY YOUR NEW PROGRAM with the help of a team of MSL Interns! Interns will engage your students through virtual coaching sessions that will help install the small ensemble fundamentals that are integral to success! 

Project Benefits

Ownership – With no conductor to lead the group, students must take ownership of a number of concepts that they would not have to consider in a large (conducted) ensemble (i.e. – starting together, choosing and maintaining tempo, determining dynamics, lengths of notes and phrases, etc.). Each player has the opportunity to develop leadership skills, responsibility, organizational skills, stage presence, creativity, and foster their own unique musical identity!


Independence – Whereas students in large ensembles are playing the same part as a number of other students, each performer in a small ensemble is a soloist. When forced to make musical decisions without a conductor, students become empowered and develop into more independent musicians!


Performance – Small groups of students can play at community events where it is simply impractical for a large group to do so. Since opportunities to play in large ensembles (marching band, concert band) decrease significantly as students leave academic environments, it is imperative that we provide our instrumental music students with small ensemble experiences that will encourage life-long music making!


Music Service Learning will work with you to create resources tailored to fit the needs of your program, including custom arrangements and play-along videos featuring some of our most talented MSL Interns! Several sample projects are provided below. 

Our team is currently working to cultivate and curate Chamber Ensemble resources to benefit programs at all levels – check back soon for additional materials! 

Quantz Sonata in D Major, Mvt. II (arr. MSL Intern James Devor)

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