We currently do not offer regular paid internships.

To remain in good standing with MSL, an intern must complete basic training (about 2 hours), reach 15 units of work (about 15-18 hours), and complete their mentee requirements (about 2 hours) every semester for a total of 15-20 hours each semester. Interns completing more work than this will earn extra opportunities and endorsements. 

Interns can work up to 225 hours (about 15 hours a week) a semester if they desire. After basic training in the first semester, students will need to complete continuing education.

While Music Service Learning itself does not provide college credit, it is possible to use an internship with Music Service Learning to fulfill college credit requirements. Articulation agreements between Music Service Learning and your university ensure that you will receive this credit. Please have the university professor from the class you plan to take reach out for details. Conversely, you may also ask your university professors about any credit internship or community service classes that you might take to fill with a Music Service Learning Internship.

MSL does charge a nominal fee for some services. We do this for several reasons. First, running Music Service Learning has basic expenses. For example, we have to pay website, software, accountant, and other fees every month. Second, adding a nominal charge helps ensure we show the value of the service. Sometimes people take completely free services for granted. Finally, charging a nominal fee for some services allows us to build funds to support other causes. It is our goal to have a 33/33/33 funding model where we give 33% of our income to operating costs of MSL, 33% back to interns in scholarships, and donate 33% to help with equity and inclusion efforts without our and other organizations.

The mission of Music Service Learning is to provide collegiate students with opportunities they might not otherwise get in their education. Through this internship you will build a strong network of colleagues, have opportunities to work on projects that align with your areas of expertise, build skills in areas needing development, receive mentorship from professors around the country, and set yourself apart as an individual for job applications. Additionally you will get the amazing feeling of knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of those who might not otherwise have access or these musical opportunities.

We expect mentors to meet with their mentees for 4-6, 20 minute sessions throughout each semester. To prepare for these meetings, mentors must review student work and define glows and grows. After meetings, mentors must turn in appropriate paperwork to document intern progress. We anticipate this will take 5 hours per intern per semester. Ideally a mentor would take 5 interns per semester for a total of approximately 25 hours or <2 hours weekly. Because this is a volunteer program, we can be flexible given the amount of time you can offer.

Currently there is not a stipend through Music Service Learning. One way to seek a paid opportunity is to run a service learning class through your university. Once you are teaching this class you can sign an articulation agreement that allows your registered students to complete a minimum of 12-15 hours service through MSL. We will assign you to mentor these students in addition to any other requirements you have from your university to complete the course expectations.

We prefer mentor applications from any professional who has experience and holds a master’s degree. If you do not meet these qualifications but are interested in mentoring, especially if you have experience helping collegiate students grow through service, we would love to have you work with us! Please fill out the mentor form.

Because Music Service Learning is a new organization, we have need for volunteers in many areas including logistics, PR, grant writing, legal, etc. Please contact us and let us know your skill set! We’ll put you to work!

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