Starting fall 2021 all interns accepted into the program will receive a scholarship.

Internship will run for 10 weeks of the semester and vary between 3-5 hours per week.

While Music Service Learning itself does not provide college credit, it is possible to use an internship with Music Service Learning to fulfill college credit requirements. Articulation agreements between Music Service Learning and your university ensure that you will receive this credit. Please have the university professor from the class you plan to take reach out for details. Conversely, you may also ask your university professors about any credit internship or community service classes that you might take to fill with a Music Service Learning Internship.

The mission of Music Service Learning is to supplement collegiate experiences with with opportunities not typically offered. Through this internship you will build a strong network of colleagues, have opportunities to work on projects that align with your areas of expertise, build skills in areas needing development, receive mentorship from professors around the country, and set yourself apart as an individual for job applications. Additionally you will get the amazing feeling of knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of those who might not otherwise have access or these musical opportunities.

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