Providing diverse project-based experiences to supplement collegiate music education curricula

Music Service Learning is a non-profit organization that values collegiate students and what they offer the music education community. Through collaborative projects, music education majors help solve problems, increase access and inclusion, and advance the field of music education. Our flexible and supportive mutually-beneficial process responds to the ever-evolving needs, cares, and concerns of all community stakeholders.

"This has been one of the most impactful projects I have done through college and I am so blassed to be part of such a wonderful community."
-Lexi Bryant, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
"If there's one thing I've learned through Music Service Learning, it's that there is a vast ocean of resources for music educators and music students alike."
-Seth Waldron, University of Delaware
"MSL is interactive and service-based, which made it incredibly easy to get involved. It has taught me that collaboration is an invaluable part of education, especially when the times get tough."
-Rosie Wilson, West Chester University