Which Account Should I choose?

If you are a current college student with an .edu email address and wish to search for jobs on the MSL HIRE board, create a college student account.

If you are looking to book Practice Pals for yourself or a child, or have a position you wish to post on MSL Hire, create a solo account. This includes parents/guardians who are signing up children with a pre-paid code from their teachers for Practice Pals. If you wish to proceed as a guest to Practice Pals, you can also do that by selecting “continue as guest” when prompted after picking your Practice Pal session.

If you are looking to buy prepaid access to Practice Pals, create a group account.  Only one person from each organization should have a group account. Please reach out to to set up your ability to pay from a P.O.

If you received a linked code e-mail, create a linked account. After creating an account, click the “My Account” button and go  down to “vouchers.” From there you will receive a prompt to enter the linked code sent to you by your boss or administrator. You can also use this account to participate in the MSL Hire.

For administrator and teachers with pre-approval. Have queestions or want to learn more about these accounts? Contact us at
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