Practice Pals About

Practice Pals offers three options to help students grow in their musicianship outside of the classroom through regularly supported practice with an MSL intern. All options occur online and provide students with choices for the best way to supplement their regular music instruction.


Practice Pals aims to simultaneously give interns unique and meaningful teaching experiences, support teachers, and close the equity and access gaps between those K-12 students who take private lessons and those that do not. Sometimes money is a barrier that prevents students from taking private lessons, but we also recognize that students may not have the time or interest in a weekly private-lesson commitment.


Check out below to see which Practice Pal option is right for you!

For students who practice regularly, we suggest the 40-minute 4 or 8-week practice session shared between six musicians. In these sessions, students will engage in their regular at-home practice, but be able to ask an intern questions, get immediate feedback on their practice, and receive a supportive environment to keep practicing regularly. These sessions cost $40 per person for the entire 8-weeks or $25 for the entire 4-weeks. Students who wish they could take a private lesson but need a more affordable option, will find this option to be a great fit.

For students wanting to build regular practice habits, we suggest the 20-minute 4 or 8-week practice session shared between three musicians. Like the 40-minutes lesson, these sessions include practice tips, feedback, and support as students engage in their at-home regular practice. These sessions also cost $40 per person for the entire 8-weeks or $25 for the entire 4-weeks. Students who are not ready to make a time commitment to regular lessons will find this option a great way to test their readiness for regular private study. 

For students who want ultimate flexibility and on-demand support, we suggest the 15-minute drop-in sessions. In these sessions we target where students need help in a quick boost. Sessions cost $10 and students can pick an instrument specialist. These sessions are perfect for students switching instruments, making up instruction from a missed lesson, needing tutoring before a test, or wanting extra help before an audition. We even encourage adults who are learning on their own!

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