Ensemble Support Program


Our goal is to offer support to music teachers who want to provide more to their students, realize greater learning goals, and need more hours in the day! Music Service Learning works in collaboration with ensemble teachers to provide direct ensemble support through individualized, group, or virtual attention. Teachers can ask for video content development, group master classes, virtual ensemble organization, or private lessons. Teachers can select lessons for students who need extra help, students who do not typically have access to private lessons, or for every ensemble member to work on a common concept. Unlike traditional private lesson opportunities, Music Service Learning only provides a couple of lessons to target a specific piece of music, skill, or other learning objective. This can be perfect for students who do not want regular lessons, students who desire a private lesson experience, students who want to focus on a specific short-term goal, and teachers who want to reach a new musical level with their ensembles.


At this time we are mostly only able to provide online support. However, we do have some in-person capacity for Spring 2021. Please talk to us about your project and we will try to make it a reality.

Yes, all MSL Interns teaching private lessons have current clearances on file with Music Service Learning. After we agree to the terms of the private lesson contract, all applicable clearances can be sent to your school district.

We also have other mandatory protocol in place to ensure the quality and safety of all involved in the program.

Simply fill out the application here. We will set up a consultation with you to determine the best fit for your program!

Working collaboratively with an MSL Intern Leader, music teachers will design instruction objectives and set up private lesson schedules. In most programs, each student will receive two lessons. We offer lessons for band, orchestra, and choir students in grades K-12.. General music, guitar, or music theory theory teachers interested in lessons tailored to their classroom content should contact Music Service Learning directly to discuss options and possibilities.

Typically, each student will receive 2 lessons to work on a concept identified by the ensemble teacher. Depending on how much demand we have for lessons during the academic year, Music Service Learning commits to one round of lessons per school year. Ensemble teachers wanting additional lessons may apply and we will fill their requests based on availability of interns.

To help ease the burden of navigating school logistics, Music Service Learning only asks for donations. We realize that not all ensemble teachers will be able to pay, so we promise to work with all teachers to make this program accessible to all students.

All Music Service Learning Interns must complete basic training before they are permitted to provide service. This includes attending an SEL workshop, submitting clearances, and completing a private lesson training session. Interns record all private lessons to ensure the highest quality instruction. Interns also meet regularly with their mentor for additional feedback and instruction on perfecting their craft.

Some ensemble directors request group lessons from Music Service Learning even for students who take regular private lessons because they know that the objective of MSL lessons will remain focused on the ensemble teacher’s goals. Use these lessons to help students navigate a difficult piece of repertoire, develop good practice habits, or learn a new technique (e.g. scales).

It is common for students to want to continue with personal private lessons after the MSL contract ends. We view this as beneficial to private studios in your area, our interns who are trying to build personal studios, and to you as your students develop an increased love for musical growth.

After the contract ends, interns may invite students to join their private studios separate from Music Service Learning. We can also provide studios in your area who offer a variety of lesson packages, including those with financial support.

After the contract, additional private lesson terms fall to the family and any organization with which they choose to continue taking regular lessons.

Any ensemble teacher can sign up for all or some of their members to receive lessons or other group instruction from the program. Individual students or parents cannot sign up for the program. If you are a parent or student, feel free to send this LINK to your teacher and tell them about your interest in the program! Currently we serve all band, orchestra, and choral programs in grades K-12. General music, guitar, or music theory teachers interested in lessons tailored to their classroom content should contact Music Service Learning directly to discuss options and possibilities.

Our interns are able to help with many of the overwhelming tasks involved with creating virtual ensemble videos such as student communications, video collection, quality control, feedback, and other organizational and educational aspects. While some interns might want to try putting together your final product, most interns are not trained nor have the time required to do this in a professional capacity. Before entering a virtual ensemble video project, make sure that you have realistic expectation about what can be done free of charge, or have the means to hire a professional company to complete the final product.

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